pic: No way that just happened! (Two 35-ft supercells scored!)

Reaction to the incredible pair of supercells hit by Team 148 to win QF1-2 at IRI.

Photo by ChristinaR, see link in:

I was not able to watch many matches at the IRI, but i was standing near the field for this one.

The first shot was unbelievable - and when he hit the second one everyone just went crazy. For anyone who did not see the shots, the robots were all at the other end of the field and the trailer he hit, with 2 super cells, was about 3/4 of the way down the field from him.


I think the only shot that could possibly compare to this one would be the shot by 177’s human player on Newton SF1-2, where the robot was pressed up against the opposite player station wall. Bounced the ball off of the ground and it went in. One shot almost went in after banking off the player station wall.

How do you guys throw these things so far? I can only chuck one about 24 feet.

This is a priceless picture, though. The Supercell at IRI made Lunacy exciting.

That’s where Billfred and I were standing keeping score. It was amazing.

I was standing right there (since I took the pics :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it was phenomenal. On the higher resolution photos, you can just see the expressions of the folks in the crowd- pure amazement and disbelief. Everyone instantly jumped to their feet.

This was also the moment when I realized that IRI was definitely the place to be.

Our drivers station went crazy when we saw both of those go in. It was amazing, but 148 is starting to expect these sort of things from the incredible Mark Mahrer. This was one of many matches he won for us, albeit quite a bit more spectacular. :rolleyes:

I still can’t believe it happened, and I was standing right there, waiting to put our robot on the field.


This moment was one of the highlights of IRI no doubt. Just incredible.

Mark Mahrer, the Patron Saint of Human Players…
Here is another camera angle of his incredible pair of shots:

Mark was our human player all season long. He has made more miraculous shots than I can remember. He always does his job quietly and with professionalism befitting a Robowrangler. Little moves like “hiding” the empty cells are the norm.

When 148 decided to attend IRI, we announced that ALL the driver positions were up for grabs. We would select driver, gunner, and human player based on participation at summer practices.

Our playing field is located in the IFI warehouse, which is NOT air conditioned… in TEXAS. This warehouse is a big oven. When it is 105 degrees outside, practicing in the warehouse is downright MISERABLE.

Mark came to almost every four hour practice session, and he spent the FULL four hours practicing shots. When the sweat was pouring off him, Mark would keep practicing. When the CIM motors on the robot were so hot you could burn your hand, and the rest of the team took a “cool down” break to grab a soda… Mark would keep practicing. No… really, the entire team would be up in the A/C and Mark would stay down in the 100 degree warehouse practicing.

Mark’s incredible hard work and his dedication to the team yielded him the coveted “Robowrangler Professionalism” award.

This year on our team we had a saying: “I believe in Mark Mahrer.”
I still believe in Mark, and I think many others are starting to understand why.


Now that is called dedication!

Congratulation Mark, you are probably the best and most hardworking human player in Lunacy!

sounds like the “Larry Bird” of FRC

Shameless Shinedown ripoff coming…

Mark created the sound of madness
Wrote the book of play’n’
Somehow he’s still here to explain
That the sweetest shot
Will never come in the night
You can sleep with the supercell
Let us watch it sail up and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

This is a really good idea, actually…

That’s some amazing dedication to be able to practice for that long on end, especially when you guys have a human loaded robot so a lot of his shots wouldn’t be that critical… man. Impressive enthusiasm. I hope whatever drive team I end up coaching next “gets that” (though I won’t be coaching again until after I leave 1714, as they have student coaches only :frowning: ).

this picture is pretty epic and sweet, not going to lie

A great picture, I love the reaction on our team’s faces.

Just the fact that he had the “cujones” to throw those into a mass of all 6 robots on the other side of the field was impressive enough. That he actually hit the correct trailer is a testament to his hard work.
Definitely an IRI highlight!