pic: No Wheel Balance close up

No wheels in contact with the bridge.

Hey, I recognize that roller in the background!

Ah, 'twas a sight to behold in person.

That is one very specific center of gravity… nice balance there. One most definitely for the memory books.

Does anyone else think that this bridge is bent? However, it might be just the camera angle.

In my observations the bridges do tend to flex.

for those of us who didn’t see this, how was it done and where?

Where: IGVC off-season competition in Michigan.
How: 862 lowered the bridge, with 68 on their bumper going up.They ended up twisting in a last minute ditch effort to balance the bridge, and it worked! [Correct me if I’m wrong, but I THINK it won us the quarterfinals]
Why: To try and win Eliminations!