pic: Noodle Damage

Our team decided to test driving over litter (the pool noodles) with previous years’ robots. This was the result of our 2012 robot that had a drive base using Andymark’s 6" Mecanum Wheel (am-0136L). As shown, it tore right through it. To minimize noodle damage and therefore replacement, I would caution teams to design robots in such a way to prevent noodles from contacting the drive wheels.

good luck!

Was this damage after only driving over it once, with that one robot?

If so, was that only 1 wheel?

Yes, this was the result of one wheel after a first attempt starting about a foot away from the noodle parallel to the front of the robot. This is a picture of the robot used in the test for those interested.


That’s very interesting. I now fear for the safety of the noodles!

See the blue box below G16:

Driving over LITTER leading to LITTER damage is not a violation of this rule.

So the referee won’t be assessing penalties. But the field supervisor and FTA may get upset if a robot destroys 2 or 3 noodles every match.

We drove over one last night and it shredded it.

So if we absolutely cant avoid driving over noodlesk, we won’t get points deducted, however, we should still try to avoid it as not to get dirty looks from the FTA

While I would definitely sympathize with the FTA’s for having their game pieces shredded up, I wouldn’t want my drivers to purposefully go out of their way to avoid driving over a LITTER if that will me take longer to go from Point A to Point B than just driving over it. If the manual says you won’t be penalized, then it is what it is.

That said I would hope no one goes out of their way to run over LITTER if there is no strategic reason preventing them from going around.

Based on this result, I’ll bet we see on AVERAGE 1-2 destroyed noodles per match. Given a regional runs up to 200 matches each (practice + quals + elims), I hope all regionals are planning to stock about 400+ noodles for the event.

When we ran over a noodle with our robot from last year the noodle was not destroyed, roughed up where it was drove over but perfectly fine. It has versa wheels from vex though. I believe damage done depends a lot on the robot running over it.

Bunch of litter sympathizers the lot of ya…
But in all seriousness small bits of noodle bouncing around an electronics board not fun at all…

Has anyone given any thought about small pieces of litter getting into wheels, gears, and other small moving parts at the bottom of their robot?

My team had the idea to take the bottom off one of those big industrial brooms that they use to sweep construction areas and attaching that on the frame of the robot so it just brushes the noodles out of the way.

Noodle damage and robot damage that is caused by noodles is something to look out for this year! All teams and robots are going to have to be careful not to completely wreck every noodle in sight which will require some ideas on building to save the noodles!

We could use this as a strategy. Think about if you pull a worm apart you get two worms. Now drive over one noodle you get two noodles and two points when you push them in the landfill. :smiley:

That would actually be an interesting Q&A question:

“If, during the course of a match, a piece of LITTER is accidentally torn in half, such as a robot driving over it, are both halves of the LITTER required to be in the LANDFILL to score?”