pic: Northside Roboteers is now Texas Torque

We are now known as Texas Torque. These are our interim shirts until the logo and colors are finalized. Our logo may not be finalized but our name is.

Good luck in 2010!

Just curious, what prompted the change?

The new name sounds pretty sick actually. Nice.

A comment on the logo is the arrow could be switched out that arrow for half a hear.

Paul, we were trying to rework our logo and image, and we couldn’t do much with the Northside Roboteers. Even though we would lose a lot of history with the NR name, we figured we could do more with the new name and rebuild our reputation.

the name is awesome.

suggestion: keep that logo, it looks intense

It’s a good name, James. Texas TORRRRRQUE! I can hear it now. :slight_smile:

Congratulations and all the best to 1477 in the 2010 season,


Wow clearly I wrote this when sleep deprived…

What I meant to say is that it would look pretty cool if you switch out that arrow for half of a face of a helical or spur gear.

I wondered what you meant… Lol. I’ve done worse… Trust me.

But I second that.

I love the name!!! :smiley:

Two thumbs up. Sweet name, sweet logo. If only Texas Torque could team up with the Connecticut Cross Products and the New Mexico Newton-Meters then you’d really have something going!* :smiley:

*These are not real teams. But it’d be pretty punny if they were.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the team history. This new name has a sing to it and has some attitude. I like it. Until 2002 team 217 was known as Royal Fusion, or team Macomb. We changed our name to get more recognition. More teams remembered us in one regional than did the previous three years.

In short, the new name is pretty sweet.

I like it.

It’s got a nice, competitive, “ready-to-go” attitude.

Good luck in 2010!


Thanks for the responses.

Our team is still having some discussion on what the logo should be. One of the current proposals is to open the logo back up for team interpretation, another is to modify the logo posted above to make the arrow a full circle (wrap into itself), and another is a Tau logo (without Texas in it.)

I think we’re going to run with the logo seen above until we figure out exactly what we’re going to do.