pic: Not Having fun on the way home to orlando

Crazy Roadside stops!

hehe… ummm, I’m hoping that was cable/phone and not an electric line? :ahh:

this is gotta be an interesting story–so what did happen???

That is not how you hook up power to an RV at a campground! :ahh:

Actually I’ll guess from the photo that they were in a driveway or parking lot somewhere and got hooked on the lines possibly with the air conditioner on the roof. Looking at the lines they appear to be either power or telephone. I’ve never seen cable TV lines twisted around each other like that on a pole. If those are power lines they are most likely a feed for a building since having only two wires rules out the 3 phase found along main roads and also that they normally don’t twist power lines together like that on a main road.

you know, no one’s mentioned the pink elephant yet.



That one?

I work at a place (Menards) and we sell some parts to make cords for RV’s and other things, trust me if it were how they made a cord, its nothing new from what i’ve seen or tried to prevent made.

I would more think probably power to the camera they’re using? odd but possable

P.S. 3 wires isn’t nessisarily 3 phase, could be to lights or houses which is single phase ( 2 hots) and a neutral. Sorry, I’m an electrician going on like 19 years (did bo bo’s when I was 2/3 with everything), the last 10 actually full fledged work.

I got an email from them and here’s what they said happened. Keep in mind that their trip TO Indiana was horrible as well!! I think next year they should fly to Indy! :slight_smile: I feel terrible for them, but no doubt it is a trip they will not forget for a very long time!!

“We were doing really good on the way back, and then we stopped for gas
about 20 miles outside of Georgia. We made a wrong turn out of the gas
station and we got really lost. We finally found somewhere to turn
around, and as we were turning around we hit a power line that was
hanging really low. We had to call the police and wait there until they
came out. It put us behind about 6 hours.”

OMG, I feel their pain. It truely is a luxury to travel by rig until you have a ‘snag’… when I decided to travel in mine to Texas for Nats I ended up staying the night in Meridian, Mississippi - hiding, running, captive from a Tornado. :frowning:

ok, heres whT HAPENED [driver] DECIDED TO TURNTHE WRONG WAY OUT OF TE GAS STATION SOMEWHERE IN TENESEE with happened to be a long narrow winding road wit h we could nt turn arround n with a rv and a trailer so we fianly found a place. somones big dirt drivewy so we wee turrning and it was working … THEN i hear :streach. Crack and other expensive noises then a big green flash. well turns out we hit a power line ant took out power to this old ladys house so we called the cops and they came, This is by the way the 15th cop weve interacted with on this trip. so they looked at it and asked WHOS the Driver? then [driver] raises is hand. then the cop says "Sir were gna have to arrest you… for stupidity. Obviously we werent the only ones who found his driving ridiclous. so then we waited 4 hours for the local Voulinteer power company to come and see if thy had to charge us. so mnwhile we took some goofy pictures. and we fianly got to go. that was of course not the first or the last of our “adventorus” stops to and from IRI.

Yeah, we didnt actually know who lived there tytus, luckily no one was home. It was definelty a setback. Eventually we found out where we were, somewhere near cleveland…CLEVELAND TENNESSEE! later on we hung out in downtown cleveland…not on purpose though.Its a small town with…tooters…

I have to rebuke this somewhat. I took a lot of my time from work and personal money for this trip. Incase the kids to know this yet, the RV company called me back and told me the following: Their insurance won’t cover the damage due to the trailer since it was “our trailer” that caused the damage - that’s $479 for that damage. The damage done by the power line is estimated at $4,000 - so I have to pay a $500 deductible for that. They had to take the RV to Pompano Beach to get it repaired, and they charged me $210 for the driver and the mileage and gas for that trip. They are also going to charge me for lost rental time while it is being fixed. They also found some interior damage to the passenger seat the carpet, not to mention the screen door that Tytus had to rip so we could get into the RV. Basically, I am looking at another $2,200 for this trip. I had a lot fun on this trip, but will NEVER do this again. Not to mention that I had to drive the entire time since I was the only person over 25.

I must say I would never go that way if I ever had it happen that way either. Thats crazy! The whole power line damage shouldnt have cost that much, maybe $500 total, and for the company to charge you for lost rental time, what about normal maitenence? that should be considered maitence time, what would they do if it broke down when someone else was using it? so you shouldnt get charged, I’ll bet they wouldn’t even have it rented out. Do I dare ask why Tytus had to rip the screen door? Who’s idea was it to get the RV anyway?

It was my idea to get the RV, and everything would have been great if it not for the Trailer falling off - that was the main cause of frustration on the trip. The reason Tytus had to rip the screen off was becuase the “screen door” got jammed and the only way we could get it open was for him to rip open the screen and get it from the inside of the RV.

Im sorry nathan. Im shure if i were to inspect the door more i would have found a way to open it from the outside. I was very tired and frustrated from the trip with the breakway trailer, my foot, the narrow roads and all. I feel bad that the RV company was going to sue you for cancling the reservation for the large RV. it dosent suprise me that we were charged for thr other things. none of witch i blame on you. I had a Great Time AT IRI and im glad i went with 1083. Remember, Im here to help fundraise in any way i can.

To The ChiefDelphi Comunity:
If you have any Methods of effectilvy Fundraising with your voulinteers spaced 300 Miles apart in one cace. Please, Explain it to me **in a PM, **Thank you.