pic: Not what you expected

Here is the elimination round results from NASA/VCU regional. The underdogs took the win. 2108 with a qualification rank of 6, 540 with a qualification rank of 48, and 843 with a qualification score of 28. We were an excellent alliance and I hope to see you guys at the Championship.

It was a great regional i was watching it…Great job to you three teams and i wasnt surprised your teams worked together great…so again great job.

it was a great regional!! congrats to the winning alliance!!


Ironically, it is almost identical to the bracket last year. The ONLY difference between the 2006 and 2007 VCU elimination brackets is that the #2 seed beat the #7 seed. Last year, 1 beat 8, 7 beat 2, 6 beat 3, 4 beat 5. 4 beat 1, 6 beat 7. 6 beat 4.

Proud to say I was one of the drivers in that awesome tournament.

Can’t wait for Chesapeake and Atlanta :smiley:

It still does not seem real to me that we won. I know we did but it just feels like a dream. We only had 8 students at competition with us.

The VCU Regional was one of the most fun competitions i have been on yet. It was a thrill to see my team, 116, make it to finals but sadly not make it past the first round. The matches were awesome and i cant wait for championships :). That’s where the real excitment will be :D.

That was one exciting day. I never thought FIRST would be this fun. By the way, I was Awkward Turtles secondary driver (ramp operator). Thank you for all the “great-job’s” and all. I had no idea that we would win, let alone make finals.

The tournament was exactly what i had always thought the game would be like. It was definitely my favorite matches, besides a few notable ones with 1086.

Congrats to our newest North Carolina team. Thanks for representing the state in the midst of 55 VA teams.

Dumb question but before that GREAT JOB i watched the whole thing on my comp.

Did the team that got dqd win? or was he permanately dqd and another team was braught in? i couldnt tell and its driving me crazy.

The canadian team was DQd. They ended up winning in the third match.

A DQ only lasts one match

They didn’t only DQ them, they DQed the whole alliance. It was ridiculous. Anyways we still won.

i was watching then i heard them say Dq… So the canadien team still ended up in first? i saw the third match it was good turles ur ramp is amazing)

Well the rules state that a DQ of a single team DQs an entire Alliance there was nothing ridiculous about that part. I watched from the stands and it did not seem to be intentional tipping at all.

You guys did very well and had nice ramps.

I still believe we had possibly the nicest ramps there based on reliability, weight, size and effectiveness. The “secret material” (I don’t know the exact composition) made our ramps extremely light, did not shift our CG AND allowed for us to have a somewhat effective arm that could score low and middle.

I am currently hoping we will go to the Championship Event because we have a spot reserved there, but currently it doesn’t look like we will go unless we perform extremely well in Las Vegas (which is possible).

All in all great work guys…very effective design for a rookie team!

It still does not seem real to me that we won. I know we did but it just feels like a dream. We only had 8 students at competition with us.

Van…it was like that to us in both 2005 and 2006…we were like 2068 the first year…both top rookie seed and rookie allstar…we had only 6 kids and went to atlanta.

Last year when we won…one of our mentors was like…“did they do what i think they did” and I said yes…it was very very unreal.

This year I was glad we go to go to VCU as four weeks ago we had a robot
that would’nt drive let alone grab a tube…to end up as finalist was again
unreal. I remember you asking us in the pits about picking up tubes…

Hope to see you guys again next year.

Congrats turtles,

We played you in every match and you really deserve this. Best of luck at Atlanta!


P.S. We were next to you in the pits and had the massive extension arm.

Ya, we are very sorry that we had to play you in every match. It seems unfair in our minds to put teams opposing every single match.