pic: notBob, Entire System

This is the entire control system for notBob, the ROV for the 2009 NURC competition.

items pictured:
-75W solar panel for charging notBob’s batteries
-Battery toolbox that holds all four of notBob’s 12 lead acid batteries (as well as the charger)
-Suitcase containing monitor, vEx controllers, tether, and Hello Kitty Command Console
-Basket for item retrieval
-notBob, the ROV

You can read more about the system here: http://www.selectric.org/nurc/index.html

Hello Kitty?!
That is so rad…


Maybe it’s the picture, but the yellow could have been more “ow my eyes”

Good luck in NURC!

I put our intro video up on our web page…enjoy viewing the fine art of underwater typewriter repair!


Update after the first day of qualifying: Team 39 (that’s 0x27 in hexadecimal) is in first (0:58), The Typewriter Repairmen are second (1:12), Wildcat Robotics is third (1:27) and the NERDS are fourth (2:42).

Congrats :slight_smile: I loved reading about how you assembled it too, that was something that I think more FRC teams should do.