pic: Nothing but Dewalts

Another close-up…showcasing nothing but dewalts.(excluding the van door…no dewalt needed.)

wow. looks beautiful! saw it in person today at osmtech.

Are we allowed to use dewalt drill motors this year?

I thought we were only allowed to use the kit motors.

PLEASE correct me if I am wrong (PM me)

They are just using the gearbox from a dewalt XPC(sp?) drill. Its a three speed gearbox and is reasonably easy to interface to. There is a white paper here on chiefdelphi on how to do this.

Looks nice, Should be a beutiful turret.

Great work, would you divulge your gear ratios?
Love the integration of the sensor pots.

looks good anthony, im glad to see the feedback this time around. The arm will be unstoppable!

pretty sweet…nice work I must say…