pic: Notice anything special?


This was in the local newspaper, upon further examination, I noticed something about Pat that made me smile? Anyone see it?

YEAH! i see that championship bling.

Lookin’ good you crazy graduate! Way to represent FIRST

Yeahh! :cool: Stuff like that makes me proud to be in FIRST! :slight_smile:

Very nice Pat. :slight_smile: Congratulation, buddy.

good job pat! u took my idea!! lol im wearing both chairmans and world championship when i cross that stage

Hopeful be the time i walk across the stage. I will to have one them around my neck. :o

Lucky, they wouldn’t let us the Chairman’s medal we won this year. The only kids allowed to wear medals were ones that got the medal from the school.

That is so cool!

I’ll definitely have to wear my FIRST medals (or at least the most recent one) when I graduate! :slight_smile:

team 22 seniors will be doing the same thing with the metals we have gotten over the years
i noticed that the valedictorians metal was smaller so when he says he’s valedictorian I’m just going to tell him that my three metals are bigger GO FIRST