pic: Now that is how you fill a goal!

I think this was one of the finals matches on Curie.

OH man! if this resolution was higher you could see the expresson on my face. it was one of frustration, amazment, anger, and relif becauese it was the last match i would ever play for the whole season

oh man, i remember this match. it was pure excitement till the last second between 190 and buzz. its on my list of the top 5 most exciting matches this year. i wish every1 could have seen the battle over the doubler, 190 knocked it out, then buzz picked it back up and slamed it into the goal at the last second so 190 couldnt pick it up out of the goal. im almost positive thats what happened.

wow that goal is about to burst

Do you happen to know the final score from that match? That’s got to be a lot of points in that goal! :ahh:

That was from Curie QF 2.2, the score was Red 160, Blue 95. All of Red’s points appear to be from that stationary goal.

well, not all the points were from the goal…we did get 50 points for hanging :stuck_out_tongue:

tytus u told me about this match–the pic does seem like as u told me-- interesting match i have to say-- all well can’t see ya u’r face–sad that the season ended but well still have post-season and u guys with us i think we’ll do well

and to comment on that goal-well that’s totally awesome!! GREAT JOB ON THAT ALLIANCE–TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:

No, **this ** is how you fill a goal: pic: 269 and 45 in finals

You’ve got to keep them neatly stacked if you want to get that many in there. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’m not sure which looks more impressive, the “stuffed full” goal, or the “stacked full” one.

Look at all the balls :ahh: . Craaaaazy. It was always something else to watch those great small ball bots filling those goals. The more balls the better!!

P.S. Is that a WFA winner I spy in the lower right hand corner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I like the neatly stacked full 45 goal over the “stuffed full” goal.

Wow, my hair looks really green in that picture. Time for a haircut? Nah!

Oh yeah, and good work, Buzz & Co!

Very, very impressive. That is all I can say.

no hanger for buzz’s alliance though, so it kept it to like 180

That was indeed an incredibly exciting match. 190 had knocked out the 2X in the previous round, so Buzz just camped at the goal with the 2X with about a minute to go, waited until 0:08 to drop it in, and then pounded it out of the claw of 190 with 0:03 left. 175 was an awesome alliance partner.


Hope i don’t get killed for bringing this back up but didn’t want to create a new thread.
BUT, does ANYONE have ANY pictures of the #5 alliance on Curie?

Alliance captain was 11 so I really wanted some pics for our website. Thanks very much.

EDIT: the alliance was 11, 190, and 179