pic: Now We are Legal

After much a-do about our bumper design we have finally caved to a tradiional bumper. Looks like we will blend in with everybody else.

Ya know, theoretically we could create a bumper perimeter that has no ‘edge’. If the outer frame member were a continuous piece that was bent to form the corners, I think that would satisfy the rules. Curves are stronger than corners anyways, and so long as a team could bend plywood they’d be ok.

Looks good enough for this year though.

See Team Update 8.


That was our first though to turn the corners into curves. Good thing we did not do it- per update # 8.

You might want to add some shims to that robot, to bring the new frame extensions in line with the trailer hitch. Otherwise, the back of those extensions will lie inside of the (convex) bumper perimeter polygon, and therefore, any bumpers attached to them will be non-standard, and illegal (for extending outside of the robot volume).

And upon closer inspection, it looks like your plastic cover and its mounting screws also extend past the bumper perimeter. You may want to also shim the trailer hitch outward slightly, to account for this fact.

I know it’s only an inch. For the same reasons that “it’s only an inch” is not a valid response to “your robot is too tall”, you should address this issue.

Maybe a shim for the lexan… but as far as the bolt heads, they can pocket the plywood so that the wood backing of the bumper is flush against the frame…