pic: ntroup - WAI

I made the mistake in 2003 of promising to shave my head if we won. We did, and I did. I guess I didn’t learn from my mistake then… because, here I am… with no hair… again.

One mustache wasn’t enough?

Nate neglected to tell you that this was a haircut by committee with many students performing the actual removal during last night’s team meeting. Watch for more pictures as some of the students have also joined Nate in the “summer cut.”

Ya know, I never did fully understan why mentors choose to shave their heads in exchange for wins…

Did they at least tell their parents this time… Coming off of the plane in 03 to angry looking mothers was PRICELESS.

I was the only victi…err…person to do it last night. Two other students had performed their duty to the promise at home, with parental consent (as far as I know).

And, yes, my Munchkin-like curl on the top of my head was quickly removed after this picture.