pic: Number 7 Alliance of the Sacramento Regional

The Blue Alliance of one of the toughest rounds of finals I’ve ever seen in many years of FIRST. It went all the way to the 5th round to decide which alliance was going to advance into the semi finals.

This is actually Alliance 8, which is why they faced Alliance 1
Alliance 7 was 1560, 1031, and 115, and got swept in 2 matches by Alliance 2, which went on to be finalists.

That matchup was just amazing, it seemed like we were watching the finals, not the quarterfinals.

Oops, that’s right, that’s what the lack of sleep do to me… Corrected!

And you are right, one of the most intense semi-finals I’ve ever watched!

You still might need a bit of sleep:ahh: It was the quarter finals that were extremely intense:D