pic: NUTRONS at Boston

There’s still some fixing up to do for Champs, but this is the team 125 robot that helped win the 2007 Boston Regional. Once again, a big thanks goes out to 126 and 69. You guys are the best.

6 Wheel, 4 Motor Drive - 10 ft/s
Air driven Pin Brakes
Lead screw driven arm - 4 bar linkage
Carbon Fiber Shells
Fast floor and human loading
Fast Bottom Row Scoring

I like the bot. Congrats on the gold…

… how did that end effector work out for you guys?

I have to say, that manipulator scared me every time it got close to the player station wall.
But it was well designed, and did not EVER cross the plain in 3 days of Boston!

It took awhile for the drivers to get used to it, but once we spring-loaded the cylinder for the “finger”, capping on the bottom row especially worked beautifully.

This end effector made ground loading surprisingly easy, once the drivers are used to it. All they have to do is drive up to a tube, hit 2 buttons on the control sticks and BAM you have a tube in your possession.