pic: NYC Chairman's Winner

Congratulations to Team 116 Epsilon Delta for winning the Regional Chairman Award in NYC.

Best wishes at the Championship.
(I don’t think Heidi is going to let go of the trophy until she gets it home)

She didn’t :slight_smile:

Congratz and all but i am assuming you guys went to the Virginia Regional. So what is it that the winning team did that prevented you guys from winning over there. Cause, not to sound mean, we did so much and dedicated so much time and we are still doing things that its a shame we didn’t get recognized at all. So what is it that the Virginia Chairmans winner do to win???:smiley:

Impossible to determine; a team can only submit their Chairman’s Award entry to one regional. If they won it at New York City, then it follows that they did not submit to NASA/VCU.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but 2008 is the first year during which three teams from Virginia are hailing as Regional Chairmans Winner (1086, 612 & 116).
I’m still soooo happy about the fact that Epsilon Delta won RCA at NYC. I always bothered Sean about how 116 started 612, and how 612’s been winning RCA for last three years, and 116 not,not to mention, they are a wonderful team with a lot of hardworking and devoted people. Well Sean, no more bothering you… :smiley:
And for Heidi, COGRATS and don’t you let go of that trophy. I really think that you guys can be the underdogs at Championship. Although you guys are a mile away from where i live, I’ll still see you guys in Atlanta :slight_smile:


PS Sean, going back to our conversation about a week ago, it looks like you’ll be in ATL :wink:

NYC had the great pleasure of seeing 116 win their first Regional Chairman’s Award!!! :cool:

Well now, in my defense, our team has a history of breaking awards…

Our Chairman’s trophy was delivered safe and sound…