One of the NYC Team (#334) updated their map of all the NYC FIRST Teams. They used the NYC subway map as their background instead of a regular map.

Hey thats not where team 1155 is, we’re up in the bronx by the Bedford park stop on the 4!

Teams 371 and 522 (Curtis HS and McKee HS respectively) are both located in St. George near the top of Staten Island not in the middle like the picture :slight_smile: .

its missed us!

we are abut 3500 miles to the east :rolleyes:

oh and 233 are in florida


Thanks for the feedback… (wow people actually look at these maps)

I’ll fix the 1155 location and correct 371 and 522 too.
We’ll try to squeeze on to the map ENGLAND since you guys have attended every NYC Regional since your rookie year. You’re like family to us!
:wink: :slight_smile:

yeah 371 and 522 are not quite in the center of staten island

where will be able to see the updated map btw?