pic: NYC Pigeon Report

We had a pigeon problem in NYC. We bagged it overnight, but they did score a direct hit while we were working on it.

One of our teammates got hit in the back, on the eye of the gearhead on his shirt. Good thing we bring extra shirts.

Apparently the NYC pigeons hate laser pointers.
The venue staff chases them away by herding them out the loading dock with a laser pointer.

I so wanted a photo of a pigeon perched on a pyramid…


Thinking about BYOC next year. Bring Your Own Cat! :slight_smile:

Just kidding, but we are going to talk about it at our committee wrap up to see if there is anything else we can do!

Last year, two of our team members were hit dead on on their heads by pigeon ‘droppings’ while at the NYC Regional.

The pigeons - at least the ones in New York City - compete for points by ‘dropping’ on targets, like your head. I don’t know the exact scoring system, but moving targets score quite highly.

There are pigeons who will mug you if you’re alone.
I have had food taken out of my hand by one of these flying rats.
I am told they actually taste good when prepared, but there’s not a lot of meat.

Do they let the pigeons do this during the car show??? I have never seen any at the boat show!

They use seagulls for the boat show.

The way we were playing they should of sent in the buzzards!!

This…does not seem sanitary.


Tastes like chicken…:rolleyes: