pic: NYC Regional on WCBS


> http://wcbstv.com/video/?id=86179@wcbs.dayport.com


So THATS where Bret Larson went! He was the old Mac guru on TechLive back in the good ole days of TechTV.

I see that it’s a video clip…anyone know where we can go to watch it?

Excellent coverage of the NYC Regional!

We invited Larson and his crew over, they were there Friday morning and early afternoon.
I like how FIRST turned into the “FIRST ever Robotics competition…”
Our team is not going to Atlanta
Bklyn Tech is not the “Telengineers” (on bottom of screen during interviews)

But yes, great and positive publicity.
I was riding the subway home, and we’ve got a laptop open with pictures, and the guy sitting next to us was like “oh you were there? i saw stuff about it on tv!” he then went on to ask us how it all worked.

I saw a small NY1 clip on it too on friday night.