pic: NYC Regional Winning Alliance

The winning alliance at the NYC regional: 41, 555, and 1989.

Way to go 41, 555, and 1989!

555: It was a lot of fun being with you guys this weekend, hopefully it will continue. Looks like you will have a solid contender down in Atlanta and I can’t wait to see how far you guys go there also. You guys should have a great showing, I see a lot of potential in the bot and a vast improvement from the first time I saw it in NJ. Good job guys and girls.

Congratulations guys. I knew you would win NYC. 555 has been putting their hearts into getting better and competing like crazy.

See you all in Atlanta.:cool:

EDIT:lmao, I just noticed that this is my 555th post XD wOoT 555!

I also want to say congratulations to the winning alliance.

555: I just want to say that your driver coach is awesome and is honestly my favorite person in FIRST. I will definitely be seeing you guys in Atlanta.

41: I was blown away by how much your robot improved since NJ and I must say I seriously underestimated you. It will never happen again.

1989: It was awesome working with your team in our first qualifier match. You guys seriously eased my anxiety over the competition. This is my first and last year as strategy because I am a senior and I was extremely nervous coming in even after going to NJ regional.

I really was rooting for you guys throughout the eliminations and I good luck at Nationals.

agree he is so nice