pic: NYS Gov. Spitz breaks ground with Clarkson FIRST Team

On Tuesday, October 9th 2007 NYS Gov. Spitz broke ground for Clarkson University’s Technology Advancement Center.

The Governer performed the cerimoneial groundbreaking with Clarkson Universities 2007 robot “Afterthought”. The Clarkson Students worked for a weekend to make the robot capable of completing this very unique task.

A video and write up about the event can be found at http://www.clarkson.edu/news/view.php?id=1875

Thank you to both Clarkson University and the Govenours office for the great opportunity

Ok, so I am going to be serious here, I got chills down my spine when I watched this!* I think it is so cool that they incorporated your guys’ robot into this type of event because I don’t think they could support the robotics programs enough!

*Or it could be that going from 90 on monday to 55-60 today was shocking. : p

Yo That is sick!! congrats my Upstate brothers!!!