pic: O, me? Nemo.

Here I am watching an Atlas V rocket blast LCROSS into space. The payload has two robots. One will take the most detailed maps of the lunar surface to date and will help decide our next landing sites. The other will slam into a permanently shaded crater on the southern pole of the moon so we can confirm the presence or absence of water ice.

I am parked between the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Orbiter Processing Facility. This begs the question, what is it that I do at that lets me get access to such sites.
I do not glue tiles to the orbiter.
I do not wire the control panels in Launch Control.
I am not engineering the new vehicles that will take man into space.
I am an educator, that teaches space history at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex.

Behind me is a rocket made by the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, what connection do I have with Atlas V rockets? Well I was recently hired by Lockheed Martin but Not as a rocket scientist, engineer, or programmer. I am in the Finance Department.

Zoom Zoom

<–99 10AE 275rwhp Turbo

(Insert random bacon joke here)

Arghhh!!! :ahh:

We were hoping to catch a launch while on vacation, darn weather delay and fuel leak. Missed the shuttle and missed this launch too.

Guess we’ll just need to plan another vacation hopefully soon… :rolleyes:



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You’re able to divide by zero without ripping holes in the space time continuum?