pic: Ockham's Raizor

Now that I finally have the picture of 1293's robot for this year, I just had to show it off for y'all.

We've got two CIM motors on the drive, plus the van door handling the arm. No window motors this time around.

See you at Palmetto!

Simply err… umm… wow… That’s some sexy use of aluminium

You can thank one of our mentors for the covers (and all of the other spiffy waterjetting, for that matter). I was, at one point during the season, hoping for the return of the super-fly electrical tape team numbers, but after seeing the finished product I’m quite fine with this. :smiley:

cool!! looking good looking good…

i can’t wait to see it in sc

ditto, haha - definitly a sleek looking robot

thats one slick robot! :smiley:
how high does the robot reach?

12’9" is the limit.

There’s a picture on www.d5robotics.com that shows Ockham in the earlier phases with the arm all the way up. That should give you an idea.

the Al is beautiful…

…how is the center of gravity?

I don’t think it’s been driven with the final bling (read: the covers) on, but we’ve had freshmen running around with tetras with no ill effects.

We didn’t get a chance to get the ultimate test for tipping (letting me drive it), but then again, there’s no way on earth that the robot would ever get such a thrashing in a FIRST event. :smiley:

At the risk of double-posting, I figured I ought to let the record reflect some actual testing on center of gravity.

We ran the robot every single match at Palmetto (9 that counted, plus quite a few practice matches). Once or twice, the weight on the front end would make the robot tip forward, but a combination of catching on the kitbot frame and some slick driving kept the robot planted well enough.