pic of my LCD screen

before we bring up old arguments YES this is the lcd for my HUD. YES i DO intend to use it and ill use it in ways LEGAL with the game. anyhew this is pretty cool and though its hard to tell the resolution is great. its 2.5 by 2 by 1 inch and has built in speakers. any guesses as to what is on the screen!

Very nice looking. I know you are going to do somethign very cool with that.

That’s awesome. You might be able to use it at some offseason events where they aren’t as strict. It would be really cool if FIRST would change the rules to allow it.

oh having a HUD is legal you can use it. its what its used for that makes it legal or illegal but it in itself is fine.

Hm… I’m taking a guess at some cinematic for Zelda. :wink:

Very cool.

no try artual TV its a series of a specific genre. the backgound gives it away.

It’s a scene from Stargate SG-1.
It’s not Atlantis, because their gate looks different.

something from the scifi channel

guy looking at guy go though some portal thing =/

Agreed. That looks like the portal that they use in Stargate SG-1

my geuss is that is a pre season 5 episode of stargate sg1. im thinking the episode with the nano-probes, that aged o’neill, but i may be wrong, the camera didnt capture the quality very well.

yeah thats it down to the episode. so any thoughts to the screen itself?

Very nice… Good luck getting that actually going on your bot and that and getting by FIRST inspectors ;).

its not going on the robot its going on a helmet to make a heads up display.

I want to put a touchscreen LCD and a Mac Mini in my car. But I do not have the money or the skill to mod in a screen.


the Mac mini rocks! but their are sites that show how to do that.

Cool. What are your plans for the screen? My guess is that you are planing on using it as a diagnostic display (which I think is legal, but I’m not 100% sure)? We have also thought about this, but it was a back burner project that never got completed. I look forward to seeing your end result.

Yeah im going to use it in the pits to watch the game and im using it at compitition to monitor dashboard.

A. where did you get it, B. how are you going to control it?

aand how much?

first answer its a pain in the butt to get i found it mentioned in a bunch of CP mod sites and i tracked it down to this company in europe who orders it from Hong Kong but heres the link http://www.success-hk.com/pp/item_detail.asp?itemID=C4CD9871-7242-413A-9529-5AA7C5BDF348 (not you have to register with their site but dont worry ive been registered for a month and no trouble). how do i control it? well im not sure i understand but ill try anyway. the screen runs on both PAL and NTSC and it works on a normal RCA connection. it also has controls for volume, brightness, and contrast. the price is normally $100 but the site i bought it off of sold it for $55 (that includes shipping). this is really nice! it has surprisingly good resolution and super easy to connect (its just like pluging in a normal TV).