pic: Off season project

Our off season project, it dosn’t mater which way you get on it you turn the grips forward and it goes forward, four wheel drive with four cim motors with two battery’s, for mor pictures http://team1322.org/joeway.htm


Does it feel like skiing? (Two poles and all that…)


Have you tried to pop a wheelie yet :smiley: (jk jk)


:yikes: Very AWESOME!!!:yikes:
Were you building a more affordable SEGWAY? (No offense to Mr. Kamen:) )

Have not run it yet, going to program it today. Originally tested on FRC system, now have EDU RC to control it. Not sure if it will work but my programmer says’s it will. Originally started the project last year, finally got to it this year and just finished it up. We are always trying to come up with a cheep Segway and have a few designs one which we used. We actually took one to the finals in Texas and Mr. Kaman gave us dirty looks from across the stadium. A year latter we did see a California company selling one just like our original design (casters and no gyro). Check out some of our design ideas http://team1322.org/joeway.htm we call ours the joeway.

That is really cool! You should definitely see if you could take it to competition. BTW, are you going to put a board over the electronics to protect it?

If you look at the picture to the left is the board that goes on it. This link is to more pictures http://team1322.org/joeway.htm#joewaypics . I wil have to put skid strips so we won’t slip off. We had a hard time designing the controllers, inside of the handles are 100k reostats. As I look at it I wonder if we could design it with just a platform (like the flying one on Spiderman 1) and put the remote on our hand and ride it like a sufboard.

No, he’s simply building a Joeway :smiley:
love it

Now that looks like fun. :slight_smile:


Wow that looks sweet…what kind of gearboxes are you using? And where did you get the bevel gears? I can’t really seem to see any gears or chain going to the wheels, I guess you just did a good job of making it compact :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to http://team1322.org/joeway.htm#build3 some drawings of the gears and pictues. We used some gears from the 2004 season gear box and some gears from the 2006 gear box. If you check them out you will find it was easy to set up the gearing. The hard part was putting an idler sprocket in to tension the chain, also to make the chain wrap around the drive gear a little more.

You should make a video.

Oooh…I second that :slight_smile:

What’s the top speed?

Vidio is planed but I’m still waiting for the programer, It’s hard to pull him away from the vidio games. The EDU controller is giving us trouble, we want to run it with out the radio, Just reostats. The white papers are not as avallable as they use to be.


looks like it was a fun project!:slight_smile:

I have it moving. Vidio download link

or on youtube

Its not pretty but it works, as I expected I need omni wheels on the two corners. I also am having trouble with the chain tensioner. It is fast, we don’t have the speed up all the way for safty.

Looks like you need a little bit a tweaking when do you think you’ll have sell able?.

Alot of tweeking, I will have to rebuild parts of the chain tensioner and add omni wheels. Because build season starts next week it will probly set for awhile.

Joe you are nuttier then my grandma’s fruitcake. Just do me a favor please. DON"T HURT YOURSELF AGAIN!!! 2 yrs ago you were the posterboy for FIRST for saftey. Please no more broken bones or missing body parts or the team will wrap you up in bubble wrap!!!:smiley: