pic: Official Weight

Our weight at Boston. Cutting close, I think so.

wow, we were the exact same weight…

Amazing! That’s my weight!

:ahh: :yikes: :cool:

wow…haha…that is the most stressful time at competition…
our team had to shave down like a pound or so and when we went back to re - weigh our robot…the judge that weighed us before did so again and this time he stepped on the side…long story short he thought it was funny and after we all recovered from our heart attack…we laughed too
good luck guys!

Haha thats awesome yea our robot was 112.7 but then we added our deadweight , a McMaster Carr catalogue, to our robot and now it is 119.9 haha :cool:

I put a whitepaper up called Weight Watchers for Robots. Talksabout some good substitutions for you guys flirting with being legal.

Ha thats nothing! we were 20lbs over weight! yea were a rookie team and we still pulled it off :slight_smile:

Cutting it close… waiting for that number is one of the scariest moments at a regional.

Especially when you forget to take the battery off first :eek:

Doesn’t phase some teams. I had a team at L.A. accidentally weigh with the battery and they still passed…

Admittedly, their entire superstructure was PVC and pegboard backing.

Wait…hang on a sec…at Boston?..and you’re sure that’s not 2079’s bot? :ahh:

My dad’s team’s robot (2104) weighed in at 94lbs this year.

With the battery.

With bumpers AND battery, we initially came in 112 lbs if I recall correctly. Yes, we knew we had the weight to spare. We figured it was better to be underweight than overweight!

That paper catalog is as valuable as gold and as rare as a snowman in San Juan. Treat it better!

I can’t comment on it’s value, Don, but I can’t believe you neglected to mention our deadweight…

Hooray for solid brass bars! We’ve been able to put it on our bot for two years running now…with NO cheesehole-ing. Hallelujah for weight budgets!

It’s good to be close, especially this year. Just don’t do what my team did during re-inspection at WI, and leave the 25’ practice field tether cable hanging on the side of the robot. They spent a few minutes trying to figure out how they went from 120.0 to 120.5.

And then there was the team we had at re-inspect that went from 119.someting to overweight and we couldn’t figure out why until we realized there was a roll of duct tape stuck to the bottom of the robot…

Are you kidding well 1. We treat it like our prized possession and 2.We have like 7 of them… The one that is on there is from '01