pic: Offseason Knitting on 2809

Just finished knitting 4039’s robot ROY G BIV. So colourful! Loved watching them this season :slight_smile:
(I’m new to posting, sorry if I’ve mixed any thing up!)

Cool name.
I wonder how many students know what ROY G BIV means. Do they still teach this?
It’s a way to remember the colors of the rainbow.

They taught it when I was in school…though my Facebook on-this-day just reminded me that I moved my college folder off my laptop’s sidebar seven years ago. :confused:

I can confirm when I was in physics last year that we learned about ROY G BIV. This year when we do creative projects in Biology we have to reorganize our markers in ROY G BIV or we get in trouble. But you know, I don’t have to because being colorblind has its perks. :cool:

Katrina H,

Who needs CAD when you can have your robot immortalized in yarn! That’s some amazing knitting skill, capturing both shape and colour. If anyone could pull if off it would be K-Botics - we love seeing you guys at competitions with your creative and personalized buddy toques.

Even the inversion of the image is appropriate (we have to flip BIV upside down and interlace with ROY to fit into our transportation configuration).

Thanks for posting this. You made our day! :smiley:

This makes so much more sense now…

That is awesome! Great job! We’ll be sure to show this to the rest of the team at our next meeting. Good seeing you guys at Finger Lakes, too.

As for ROY G BIV, I know that I teach it to my students when we do optics in grade 10 science, but most have already heard of it by that point. Nevertheless, we certainly did have a few questions about it in our pit, followed by the inevitable laugh when we explained the acronym to them :slight_smile:

While reading this thread my 4 year old son said (completely by coincidence) “look dad, a rainbow”. So I asked him if he knew the colors. He said “red, orange, green, blue, indigo”.

When I heard “indigo” I asked him if he had ever heard of ROY G BIV. He said yes, in school. No idea if he meant it or if he really got it from his sister, but I appreciated the synchronicity of it.