pic: Offseason Training: CAD & 3D Printing

We taught our kids a few CAD and 3D Printing techniques. Also solved a problem we kept having last year with encoders popping out of the shaft. The tricky thing about the VEX Pro Clamp-on blocks - the encoder isn’t centered between the two mount holes.

Would you be willing to share the drawings for the mount for others?


Will do. I didn’t make the part, so I’ve gotta wait on a reply.

Wow, sorry for the delay. Here is a STEP file of the part.

It just so happens that I’ve modeled something very close to this before! A few months ago I put together this assembly to keep the encoder concentric with the axle. Mine is for a CTRE Mag instead of a Grayhill.

Of course the bolts would be shorter and maybe 3D printed instead of of a meatal plate with standoffs, but the overall packaging is almost identical.

Man, might be time to upgrade that email server you have there. The hamster might have died back in 2015…

Necrothread of the year.