pic: Offseason Training: Electronics & Basic Circuit Design


Our electronics mentor helped students design and produce a simple circuit with very basic components. This circuit provides support for a clipping connection, solving two major problems we’ve had over the years. 1 - “Someone” plugs the encoder wire in backwards, usually because the encoder is somewhat buried inside the bot when the connector is attached. 2 - The connector doesn’t always stay snugly attached, thereby leading to the issues seen by ‘1’ during maintenance between matches.

Circuit size is 1"x1", but the PCB will be re-arranged and re-cut down to 0.75"x0.75" in order to stay within the circular profile of the Greyhill encoder.

This is really nice. We’ve had problems over the years with wiring this kind of encoder, especially if we have to tweak it when it’s already been installed. Can you post the PCB CAD and part number of the connector? I’d like to make a few of these for the coming season.

This is a great idea. The only thing I don’t like about the Grayhill encoders is the connector pins that get bent out of shape so easily. We also have had issues with students feeling compelled to connect wires to all 5 pins when only 4 of them are needed. I don’t remember what the extra pin is for, but I would be inclined to leave it off the breakout connector.