pic: Ogre Likes Cake


Jeff got “caked” again, this time by a student on the team at our pasta dinner to support FRC team 1784 The Litchbots.

Hitting people in the face with cake can be funny, and often is.
I only ask that you consider what kind of cake you hit people with. Please make it something that is fairly easy to wipe off and won’t leave a sugary residue.
Also, a word to the caked. Close your eyes before it hits you.

: )

Your trajectory is off, your mouth is a little lower than that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tht only works if you see it coming

Might I ask who caked him? Also, why didn’t you try to get the goatee?

There seems to be a lot of caking and pieing that goes on in FIRST. Like that time at the Boston regional where they almost dropped a cake on the field during the eliminations…

they def did not almost drop it. but they did get frosting on my nose. as a member of the boston field reset team i would have been highly unhappy about having to clean cake up from the carpet. however, it was yummy to eat. :smiley:

so ogre, what’s the tally so far? cake=3, ogre=0? :smiley:

It seems as though from here at Boston, that was his third, making this his fourth.

Also looks like they missed your nose.

ah yes. twice at utc (with the same cake!), once at boston (with my cake!) and apparently once here.

and thanks for linking to the worst pic of me ever! oh wait no, the vault pic is worse. meep.

so chea. cake=4, ogre=0

It was me. And there was no specific reason. Oh wait, somebody sat down to eat way before 7 o’clock. But I guess that was just on the side. The cake was there, and well…

I was thinking center. It got on his hair, too. And I know my time is now limited, so the goatee would have just lowered my survivorship even more.

Thank you Jon for your excellent, and precise timing.

Jeff I think the word we like to use for this situation goes something like…“pwnt”

I think Ogre has a lot of patience. (I don’t think I would find it that funny…)

I am starting to think that Ogre does all these foolish things on purpose just to get his own delphi thread. Well, I got just one thing to tell you… it works so keep on doing it.

P.S. The picture of you as the ball poker at Boston didn’t come out since you were moving so fast that you just became a blur