pic: Oh Canada!

The girls from 1547!

Where’s Waldo? :stuck_out_tongue:

I <3 Canada now. :slight_smile:

So… them (oh so stylish and appropriately Waldo themed) red safety glasses… Are/were they legal? lol

I’m serious too. I don’t know the answer to that.

You should totally come up for the Toronto regional then!!! NJ was a party

a) They were pink!! pink for the win.
b) I think they’re legal in the pits but not the field…correct me if I’m wrong though. that was just a guess.

If you give us a couple grand, we will. :slight_smile: You guys should totally come back down for Monty Madness.

Oh yeah! (in Kool-Aid dude voice) That…would be AWESOME!!!:smiley: But you probably won’t come down for a day…:(.

I wish I could come up to Toronto/Missassauga/University of Waterloo/(wherever they are, I think there’s at least 2 in Ontario), but I can’t- help me convince my team to go up next year???

lmao! great title!

cya at TO

That would be awesome! WALDO, you girls are awesome! Come back to Trenton next year!

I wish we could go to a Canada Regional but our school may not clear that because we would need our passports and all that complicated stuff. We’re trying though! :slight_smile:

I’d just like to say “thanks” to 1547 for joining us in NJ - you really brightened the place up! It was more like “where isn’t Waldo” because everywhere I looked I’d see your cheerful red and white shirts and smiling faces. And your drivers were the best at dancing while carrying your robot off the field! Hope to find Waldo again soon.

If you can drive to GTR then you don’t need passports… just proof of citizenship. Even when passports become a requirement for crossing at land borders, the US Department of Homeland Security is considering waiving that requirement for students travelling as part of a school or community group.

The customs requirements for the robot, while entailing an extra piece or two of paperwork, are not particularly onerous, especially with the assistance that GMC is providing this year (shipping contacts will agree, I think, with a big Thank-You to Raylene).

If you can catch GTR in one of the years when there are two playing fields, then it really is an event not to be missed… with the Pontiac and Chevrolet fields both rolling along there is no pause for re-setting the field… just continuous robot action… and it’s not bad in the one field years, either!

We’ve been to Portland three times now… it’s not that complex. C’mon up!


I’d love to. I’m definitely going to try and get my team to consider GTR for next year- I might try to use you as help in me and Zara’s quest.

Hey Waldo!

I don’t know if you’ve seen, but if you go to www.usfirst.org and click “Who We Are” and then “Impacts,” your picture is up and you appear to be cheering as loud as ever at the New Jersey Regional.

Check it out!

where was Waldo at the NH regional?? i guess Nj is better.