pic: Oh... the penalties!

I captured this mistake from the NASA/VCU webcast. A classic. :wink:

Which was quickly corrected by the announcer “Take off one of those zeros”

Otherwise there would have been more of this guy around -> :ahh:

ok i’ll bite how did this happen and what teams were involved

Actually I would not be surprised if I saw a score like that this year.

It was a typo, they ment only 30, but they added an extra 0.

Wow, there’s a HUGE difference between 30 points and 300 points of penalties. I was so amazed that it WOULD be possible to get 300 points of points of penalties in one match! 30 is actually not very difficult. Kinda scary how many penalties there were each match at the Finger Lakes Regional.

When inputing the scores, instead of 3 penaties, 30 was input.


The 30 point penalty was assessed to team 510 (on our alliance with 616 and 1610) because their robot touched another robot in a loading zone.

But after team 539 tipped 616 in the loading zone (same match - score would have ended up 0-0), one of the Head Refs (Lisa) that was watching it would not call a penalty on the blue alliance for this. From her point of view, 616 was placing a tetra on the center-left goal (when looking at it from the red side of the field)- which is true. 539 came up on the right sode of our robot and pushed us sideways into the side wall-which also is true. But, while 539 was pushing us sideways, I drove intentionally drove backwards to get into the “safe zone” of the loading station. Lisa said that it looked like they pushed us backwards into the loading station but there was no possible way for that to happen as they were pushing our robot from the side, not the front. We argued this call into and after the next match but Lisa would not change her mind.

http://www.virginiafirst.org/2005/elim_rounds_final.jpg - Elimination Chart

I was watching the webcast when that score was posted and thought to myself, “What did they do, steal a donut from Dave?” But I didn’t doubt for one second that it was a mistake. Nobody could make that many penalties without being disabled, could they?


The highest penalty score I know of, so far, is a mere 90. Less than 1/3 of that hefty(but untrue) total.

We were in the stands and saw that come up. We thought that it must be a mistake, but then thought “When had they made a mistake like that this year?” not being able to think of one, we thought that someone was bouncing around near the loading zone and hit someone 10 times. We thought that the penalties were excessive before, but thought us luck for only 10 point deductions. We tried to snap a pic for CD, but the scores went away before we could get a camera out. Luckly, someone did catch it.

You know this reminds me of a cooking disastor that I had where I heated something for 20 minutes instead of 2. Hehe, that is somewhat amusing though… :smiley:

300!!! that would be something that i would have done!!! lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello…Mr Mummert here from 1610. I’m one of the mentor-builders.

What 616 says was true. The first semi final match our alliance won,
then we lost the next one by only 1 point,so there was a tie. This match
was to break a win-win tie. Had it been called correctly another match would
have had to been played. If we would have gone and won another
match we would have been in the finals. 539 played dirty for about
3 or 4 matches before this one,using their arm to attack teams,not just
blocking with the robot. Yes 510 did make a mistake,but they did help
keep 539 off of us so we could score. If 510 had’nt gotten the penalty
we might have won this match.

The 300 penalty was a technical mistake and was corrected to
30. Luckly we are top rookie seed and top rookie all star and have
been invited to nationals. You’ll see 616 again too.

OK guys - I have finally recieved the video from this match - Semifinal 1-3. The video does not show when 510 recieved the original 30 point penalty but does show when 539 tipped 616.

Heres the link in case any of you were wondering how to get 300 penalty points.

http://ircorp.fnsnet.net/mov/VCU_2005_SemiFinal_1.3.wmv (9.23 mb)

We would love to hear any comments or answer any questions that anyone may have about this match.

Also - if any other teams happen to have videos of team 616 in any of their matches, please let me know.


Mr simmons,mrs burgess and i took video of the matches.
I taped the last two we were in and made sure it was on tape.