pic: Oh, we know who lowfategg is!

I was reading a thread posted by lowfategg when i knew that he looked familiar. Now things are cleared up.

He is McLovin!

Where’s the like button on this thing?

lmao…Tyler is the man…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Tyler IS the man.
The younger 1923 girls can always be found by Overdrive’s pit… :wink:

I am Mclovin! :smiley:


we just had to do it!!:smiley:

It’s true. Mr. Lowfategg is absolutely undeniably pimp, much like McLovin. FIRSTers all around have much to learn from such a man.

Look at McLovin’s ID. Now THAT looks just like this eggy fellow. :smiley:

Maybe we should post up those pictures of Tyler from IRI…

J/K. :wink:

Ahh… about the pictures. I think I may have seen them floating around twitter. Just maybe…