pic: Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, 229 has ramps too

after we opened our new ramps for the first time all season

How many bots had the pleasure of climbing them?

they only opened once in quals, and they never got climbed. We had the pleasure of working with Robo-Dawgs, 545, in the Elims. So we never needed to open them. Look for them to be in use in Atlanta.

your robot looks a lot like ours, except we only had weight for one ramp

We, 545, were pretty much a ramp only bot. We only used our arm once during the qualifiication matches and we ended up removing it before the semis to make it easier to climb our ramp. Big thanks to 234 and 229. We made a great alliance.

Man, I was looking foward to seeing those work all FLR. Pity I never got the chance. Maybe I’ll get the honor of driving up on them at ATL. :smiley: