pic: Oh yeah

thats right…S.Nickens with a dinosaur hat

oh yeah…my dad wearing the dinosaur hat…he was voted man of the hour for the next 20 minutes…we got really really really really really really really really bored during our 18 hour bus ride home


I like his camo FIRST shirt. :slight_smile:

I was very honored to be the first adult/mentor voted “Man Of The Hour”. The funniest thing was seeing the whole team get back off the bus to follow me into a store, just to see if I was going to keep it on.

oh you know you loved the hat dad

Nice hat, I wish I had one.

(BTW: What’s the symbol of that medallion around his neck?)

some japanese thing i think

This reminds me of what Mr. Foell, a teacher on our team, did after the South Carolina regional. He agreed before hand to wear these ridiculous kid-dress up earings on the way home from SC if we won the regional. Well I guess he judged making it to Semi’s and getting the judges award as winning and so he sported his “bling-bling” in three different airports throughout Sunday. He got a lot of weird looks but we loved him for it, he def kept his word. Ill have to post a pic when i get one of him wearing them. :smiley: