pic: OHH NOO!!!!

The Volunteer didn’t seem as scared as the robot did.

Thats my mom!

Thats my robot!

Thats my team in the far left corner.

That’s my eye sore - er… team - on the right!

thats me behind the camera!

Hasn’t anyone noticed!?!

That is Mr. Bill’s head on the end of that robot arm! He is probably screaming “oohhh nooo” because the rest of his “natural” body has been replaced with a robot. :smiley:

If all of you have no idea who Mr. Bill is, it was a really funny TV show a few years back on Fox Family (now ABC family).

And now that I look in google, perhaps the TV show went back as far as 1970s???)

The Mr. Bill Show premiered on Saturday Night Live almost 30 years ago - I’m afraid to say I saw it live on TV. Mr. Bill had a wonderful clay dog named Spot. Unfortunately, Mr. Bill and Spot were frequently flattened (literally) by Sluggo. Mr. Bill always seemed cheerful right up until…Oh-nooooo!

My favorite episode was when Mr. Bill was in court. Judge Sluggo and a jury of Sluggo’s tried Mr. Bill for having a rabid dog (Spot). Mr. Bill’s mom starts to testify, but is interrogated in private by the DA (Sluggo again). She re-appears with black eyes and say Mr. Bill was a spoiled brat and was a severe criminal. Judge Sluggo throws the book (literally, again) at Mr. Bill, then sentences him to shock treatments.

Kinda makes South Park seems like a cartoon, no?


You must be really old. :smiley:

Luckily though I was drawn into watching SNL at a young age. And able to watch Mr. Bill through the magic of reruns.

The story behind “Mr. Bill” (the robot):

Through testing we found that a ball shaped object was a good quick joint for the tetras. We had a real hard time finding a good ball though, so we started out with a toilet tank float


Well that led to a lot of really bad nicknames (you can imagine) and didn’t work quite as well as we wanted. So, the only other ball we had was a bowling ball from a kiddie bowling set (my kiddie bowling set). So it ended up on the robot. After the addition of flaps to keep tetras from falling all the way down (see attachment) we found our robot’s name.

A little creative painting and you have Mr. Bill. The mentors told thought only other mentors would recognize the SNL icon. So I guess they were right.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bill, Sluggo happened to be 56, 64, and 254.

I’d prefer to think “really experienced”… :wink: