pic: Ohio FRC State Championships Awards and Banners

Here are the banners and awards that Two Pencil Designs provided Ohio State Championships!


But I’ve always wondered why it says “Ohio FRC State ChampionshipS” on the banners. Are we winning these in parallel dimensions simultaneously? :cool:

You can blame MN for really getting the whole “State Championship” thing going - I think we were the first to have a state high school league hold a local state championship tournament.

But it’s not that much of a stretch to recognize a state champion separate from the FRC Champs from St. Louis.

The banners look awesome and really stand out. Here in MN, the State High School League give out blue banners similar to the official FRC banners to help keep things consistent for teams, with the hope that the state banners will be displayed in pits alongside a team’s other blue banners.


I was referring to Championships being plural instead of singular, as there is only one Ohio FRC State Championship competition held each year.  I guess plural does make it sound more important.  :)

my bad, I missed that distinction. I’ve gotta learn to read more carefully!

I edited my post to make my intent more clear. I was just being a pain in the rear to Alex. :slight_smile:

From various web searches:

The tournament itself is called the Championships. The title you get when you win is called the championship****. Reading in further detail, the plural form refers to becoming a champion in a tournament, versus defeating the reigning champion as in boxing.

So the banner says you’re the winner of the Championships, which is correct.

**** as in, “Lebron never brought a championship to Cleveland”

I await the renaming of St. Louis to the FIRST Championships Event. :stuck_out_tongue: