pic: Old School Spinner

5/8 hex nuts (4)
1/4-20 x 1" hex bolt & nut (1)
R4 bearing (2)
a few drops of super glue

No CAD, no 3D printer.

insert quip about glue not being a fastener and the final ruling on the safety of your mechanism being left up to your LRI [1]

The real question though is how does it spin? I always cringe when youtubers use hand tools to cut theirs to shape and a hand drill to drill the center bearing hole. It’s never balanced properly and then they wonder why the entire assembly wobbles as they spin it. I’ve only seen a few people actually chuck it up in a lathe to balance the weight properly.

[1] This year when helping a team with electronic problems I noticed they had about 40 lbs of steel weights just hot-glued to their belly pan. Somehow they managed to pass inspection despite that. Fastest I’ve run to the LRI in my life.

I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff come out of the shop, but this is the worst by far. :eek:

looks like JB weld in the picture, not super glue.

BTW, this is an old-school spinner:

Keep watching. It can get worse.

Ran out of CA and had it finish with Gorilla Glue. Longer cure time, but it holds very well.

What you should be saying is that it cannot get worse

I thought this was going to be a picture of the *freshmen time waster *err… Lead screw that comes in the KOP

Lol. I like to play with that too. Or igus chain.