pic: omni-directional hoverbot progress

its coming allong. SLOWLEY! because of all the other stuff i’ve been working on

Tytus… You never cease to amaze me. Awesome work, keep at it.

Got any video yet? :slight_smile:

Tiffany, I told you to lock the cabinet with the muffin fans when Tytus is around.

You should publish a book of tutorials and tips that walks one through the art of hoverbots, from the basic designs to the more advanced ones. I think it’d be both informative and highly lucrative.

That is an interesting design, how do you intend to steer it?

heres a PDF of an Exploded View of the Internals

hbMK7Exploded.pdf (55.1 KB)

hbMK7Exploded.pdf (55.1 KB)

Tytus… amazing. Maybe this one can pull the RC’s in IRI instead of the opposite. :wink:
Just one question… aren’t all hovercraft considered to be called omni directional (especialy ones with fans blowing in the -, and+ directions on the x, and y axis)?

this One has a thrust vectoring system with Six vents witch act like A killtough Platform


another amazing hoverbot made by tytus. i bet none of you had the chance to touch it yet but Arefin sure did. :slight_smile:

cant wait to see that hoverbot hover around tytus :slight_smile:

Ya, touched it and broke it LOL…

Gosh its late