pic: Omni Robot

If your interested in looking at our code, PM me with your email and i’ll send it to you. Keep in mind that we used the 2007 gyro to stabilize the robot and our machine had a tractor style suspension to keep all four wheels in contact with the ground at all times.

In terms of the suspension I can’t entirely say if it absolutely necessary but we included one in all three omni bots that we built. We also used a gyro in all three bots and I can guarantee that it will be uncontrollable if you don’t use one of the two, and very possibly both. All of our machine were very easy to drive once the correct constants for the control loop had been found.

You took the words right out of my mouth… :rolleyes:

team 1714 used a omni drive and it worked its was a fun system to drive good luck

yeah it looks really cool!! make sure you don’t get thrown off the first few times driving it! it is hard to drive at first, but it is the most fun drivetrain I have ever driven!!! I love the lexan frame too! Whats the thickness of the lexan?? (I may of missed it if it were said somewhere… sorry)