pic: Omniwheel version 3.0 Exploded View

This is an exploded view, with the hub in there to show off.

Looks really good but the tiny grooves need a little bit of work still. I assume they will be cut with a ball end endmill since you are making them half round. However, there is no way it is going to come to a flat stop at the end of the groove because the cutter is round. That needs to be rounded just like the depth of the groove itself.

Also, is anyone other than me concerned with how thin the metal is going to be near the grooves? You might want to start with 3/16" plate and surface it down to 1/8" in the less critical areas.

Other than that, it looks great! :slight_smile:

love the omni looks great. as stated above make the wallls 3/8" thick each.
i have uploaded a picture of mine in '04 and before it was painted so you can see it easier.

cant wait to see it on a robot next year? also how big would it be?

What is that one made of? Acrylic or Lexan?

it’s two 3/8" lexan pieces.

If I am not making mistake, Matt made it 10" diameter.

Good job matt.

Correct, 10"
I’ll be trying out 3/16 plates surfaced down to 1/8" on the actual spokes to see how it looks, if it doesn’t appear to be any help I won’t bother, though I think it will, that, along with a nicer rounding for the outer edges would make version 3.1 I suppose. Any other suggestions guys? I appreciate this.

On the 2005 bot we used 1/4" aluminum plate and got along fine with that, however we had two omni wheels side by side.

If if remember correctly we also used 1/4" steel roller axles, with plastic bushings inside the gum rubber rollers.

Robot 05 (54)s.JPG

Robot 05 (54)s.JPG