pic: On the way to Chesapeake....

Hrm, now thats interesting. A segway with off road tires =). What will those segway people come up with next. =) I would have thought though with the amount of space in the minivan that you could easily fit the segway inside the vehicle rather then attatching it to the towing hitch. My segway would be much to valuable to leave it riding on the outside.

It could fall off the back if not properly mounted:eek: .
It could be re-ended by someone careless:eek: .
And it might get cold. Segways like to be warm & fuzzy =).

If I had a segway, it would be riding in the front seat. Who cares about another passenger, they don’t move when you lean forward.:smiley:

Those tires look a little large to be the normal off roading tires, mind you its been a while since I went to the segway site. Did they upgrade the tires?


It almost look like the Segway is towing the mini-van.