pic: one day before the Israeli Off Season

working on the arena, taking pics of our bot in combat positions…
in the back(1): Tottanka, (Liron Gurvitz), the guy behind this event!!
in the back(2): a robot that doesn’t belong to FIRST, those things actually exist!

Actually, there are 2 non-FIRST robots in the Background, both yellow =]

The whole event was hel in the Technion’s Labs of Robotics and Manufacturing named after Ullman.
So there were lots of robots there from competitions like FireFighter, RoboCup, RoboTraffic etc…

In addition there are also many medical robots there =]

Cause I think all robots should be FIRST robots!
That caption made me laugh out loud.
And now my roommate thinks I’m weird.
But it’s cool.
Can’t wait for kickoff!

I think I recognize that yellow robot on the right…is that a robomow (autonomous lawnmower)? Our robotics team at UT modified one of those two years ago for the IGVC competition up in Michigan.

yeah it is a lawn mower bot… not sure it’s exactly called robomow… but maybe!

So how goes all in the political caldera known as the Middle East? What kind of security do they have at events out there?

basicly, we just had to get authorization from the facility to let any robotics-connected car pass through the barricade.