pic: One of our robot's designs

Interesting design,

I just have a few questions for you.

Is it drawn to scale (arm vs. chassis)?
How much do you think the arm will weigh?
Why do you have a double leveled chassis?

Looks cool, good luck with your build


where are you getting the tubes from?

Looks like they are picking them up off of the floor.

Thats a very beefy arm for picking up ringers, how thick are the pieces that make up the arm?

it looks liek it but im not 100%…is that a telescoping arm? and what do you plan on being in for weight class (ie: 4ft, 5ft)

This is only ONE of the initial designs they came up with. They’re not going to go with this for obvious reasons (too heavy, too tall, too complex), but the student who made this never used Inventor until only a week ago! I thought that alone was very impressive. But I believe they’ve decided on a 4ft, 120lb robot that can pick up the ringers with a telescoping arm of some sort to reach the upper spiders. For a rookie team, they’re doing pretty well. They should be congratulated!

I have a question. Is the arm going to use suction cups to help grip the Ringers onto the arm?

That is good for an Inventor rookie to have made. Good luck!