pic: One of Team 306's Caution Signs


Andrew Blair and I got bored and had this idea; so I started designing a bunch of vector graphics for my team to hang up at regionals. This is one of many designs that will hopefully be present in sign and sticker form at our regionals.

Just FYI, you have unnexpected instead of unexpected up there. :smiley:

Yes yes yes… I’ve been spoiled by firefox 2 for a while now. Please forgive the typo, my proof-reader went to sleep an hour ago. :slight_smile:

Very nice…

Love the expression on the guy’s face.

what program did you use to make that? i like the guy’s expression as well! lol

Illustrator/Photoshop, and yeah… The guy’s face is my favorite :cool:

Ooh i knew you used illustrator on that. I have a brand new illustrator bundle sitting on my desk that i havent used yet. maybe i should use it towards FIRST as well? lol

It might work out nicely for you :]

Does your claw actually look like the one on that sign?

Nay, Ours looks like a hippopotamus. (no joke)

Maybe add “loss of hands” to the list???

Otherwise, looks nice. That’ll earn you some safety credits.

Can you say phone background? :smiley:

Got to LOVE the fox! :cool:

Nice Photoshop!!! Who ever made this has some mad skillz… good luck at regionals.