pic: One of these things is not like the other...

Well it works and we passed inspection tonight, but I’m surprised we didn’t catch this before…

We’ll be putting this limited edition Victor SP misprint up for auction. Going Once, Going Twice?

thats hysterical I want it.

Bid one is 2 fried Jaguars!


I can’t say we would have caught that. I’m guessing the wire color and the orientation of the SC are correct and just the stencil is backward, correct?

Man, hooking that up according to the stencil would not have gone well.

Have you contacted AndyMark, VexPRO, or Cross The Road about this? I’m certain they will be interested in gathering details about it.

That’ll be a fun little thing to throw at new electronics people…

Nope, figuring one of the Copioli brothers might see it here. After I’m done competing this weekend, I’ll send in something formal. Not a big deal, just mildly interesting :slight_smile: