pic: One online..


Ok. So it’s finally happened. The world has come top an end and you all forget to tell me. Every time I visit CD, I check to see who’s on. It’s a small measure of comfort knowing that somewhere there is someone else who cannot sleep and is cruising CD. Always there is someone else at least signed in……
But not this morning…Not even Ken Leung.
A small comfort at least is the servers are still running……………

What time in the morning was that?

04:44 Eastern time… I’m a morning person

I was online then I think … I was on and off throughout the whole night … another one of those great all-nighters … tonight will be the same

darn, I had just gone to bed a couple hours earlier. I love the summer. :smiley:

(actually I am enrolled in a PE class for summer school right now, require by FL law to have a credit of PE… but i had slept in a bit too long sunday and messed my sleeping pattern up. ha ha)

Don’t think this will happen too often ;-). I am only off because I was on a 14 hours flight to Hong Kong visiting relatives! That was probably the only time people can mess around without at least 1 monderator moniting the forum. Too bad you missed your change ;-).

Next time I will request a satellite internet on all the flights I fly on from now on!

I was only off because I had closed my browser and only have 1 on-line computer to share w/ the rest of the family. :wink: