pic: One Third of the 2005 NJ Champion Alliance

Cybersonics Technology Team 103 manages to hold still for a few seconds after coming out on top in four hard-fought final rounds. We are honored to be picked by 2 seeded team 1279 and joined by team 375.

Congratulations to finalists 56, 237 and 303 - you were all strong, consistent and it took as much luck as skill to overcome your alliance's scoring onslaught.

congrats to 103 , 375, and 1279

you guys gave us a run for our money and you beat us. congrats

you guys beat us in the end after that rematch thing congrats we will see your team in philly hmmm wonder if we get together there what damage our teams can do. see ya in philly

Congrats 103. Your team never ceases to amaze me with your technical excellence, gracious professionalism, and amazing spirit!

Those finals matches were incredibly exciting. Your robot was such a fast capper this year --definetly one of the top bots in NJ. You are well-deseverving of the championship!

Unfortunatly, we won’t be seing you guys again this year at Philly. Hopefully we’ll be in the same division in Atlanta though!!

Yeah, thanks to team 1279 and 103 for an awesome alliance. But thanks especially to our mentor who noticed a rule violation that allowed for a rematch which led to two more victories, what a close one.