pic: Only @ Bash 2


Team 549 knows what Bash is all about.

I… am… speech…less… :eek:
I guess… Whatever happens @Bash stay @Bash.

(that man has guts or he has lost a big bet!)
I can’t never view Team 549 the same again. :smiley:

This is also seen at the UCF Regional. Gotta love Krunch79

team 79 icon.JPG
79 spirit.JPG
Udder to Udder.JPG

team 79 icon.JPG
79 spirit.JPG
Udder to Udder.JPG

That…is…classic! Both of 'em. That’s great.
I see stuff like that at Annapolis…I need to take pictures next year.

In this picture, the field mc (in the blue Hawaiian shirt) was telling the kid doing this that this is a no surfing zone cause he was hula dancing on top of the robot cart. :frowning:

But even though that had to stop for safety concerns, Team 549 won the “Beach Bum” award for embodying the spirit of the beach the most… :slight_smile:

I just feel bad that there is a pic of this kid on the internet in a coconut bra. Lets hope none of his friends find this! WHOOPSIES!!

I’m … ahh … not even sure what to say!

Wow. :yikes:

haha i happened to be driving right there. i’m goign to print that out and show my whole team and we’ll post it in the school office, just to embarass him!

very funny pic. who saw the kid from 230 with the duct tape on his back…wait that was me. “Save a Segway, Ride a Tom”. :smiley: Someone wanted a pic of it to put on here but idk is he got a hold of it. Well I have a pic and if u want it let me know. anyway hope to see u all at the NE regional and maybe we can team up for a championship. and has anyone heard anything about the new game. im dying to get some clue!!!


I found that extremely clever, and hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a funny message, I laughed every time I saw it. You should just upload the picture to CD anyways, because that would just be hilarious.

That is so darn wrong…I never want to see a guy wear coconut shells! But, I must admit, it’s hillarious. Maybe we should get Andy B and Beatty to do that at MWR next year? :eek: Now that would be wrong, but hillarious also!


Hmm I seem to remember that boy bumping and grinding with some girls during the Cha Cha Slide…but somehow, they werent aware of it :eek:


okay, here goes the pic!


you know you like it. :smiley:

NR00 & Sam