pic: Ooooh, is that polyester?

Always looking out for his friend’s safety, Steve Warren investigates the flame-retardant properties of Karthik’s SKIRT to make sure it’s safe for use on the Canada’s Wonderland playing field.

Wow is that unbeleivably disturbing… :wink:


Just so everyone knows, I was not wearing the kilt for the entire day. It just seems that everyone time I put it on to introduce SWAT, 37 cameras started snapping pictures.

I hope everyone had fun.

i reccomend this for the caption contest. even tho i havent been doing that in a whle…

This makes me exceptionally happy that I chose another picture this week.

BILLFRED’S TIP FOR BETTER CAPTION CONTESTS #343: If a good picture from a recent event surfaces, wait a week. A great one will surface more often than not. :wink:

in that pic Mr. Warren looks like Harry Truman

give em hell Stevie…

I don’t think that Harry would have worn purple. Come to think of it I wouldn’t have either except for a generous donation. :smiley: