pic: Oops, Did I do that?

Libby getting in trouble at Nextfest 2006

OH MY GOD. you told me this wouldn’t go on here.

can i have the caution tape pic?

thanks =]

ptsch dont complain he has worse of Aroon and I… :yikes:

The caution tape one isn’t as good because I had to take it with my phone but I’ll get it up when I can.

Now that I want to see!

nice forhead protectors :ahh:

i wasn’t even in the pit, thanks. haha. i was about to go on the field and announce a round. super fun, by the way.

i know, i know, bad example. shame on me.

me = :ahh:

correct = :cool:

there we go. do as i say, not as i did in this picture.

lets just say safety regulations at NEXTfest were immensely low

I had my safety glasses on the whole time thank you very much and some of us made sure the rest of our team did as well

Hey, the fact that the field managed to move about a meter from the starting position in either cardinal direction, doesn’t mean it wasn’t safe. ;):wink: